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How to Download SKED + Full App Tutorial
How to Download SKED + Full App Tutorial
how to download the sked app
How to Download SKED App
how to use sked registration link
SKED Registration Link
how to create a new appointment
How to Create a New Appointment
how to login and find appointments
How to Login and Find Appointments
how to cancel appointments
How to Cancel Appointments
how to enable notifications
How to Enable Notifications
how to tell appointment status
How to tell Appointment Status
how to find the sked app barcode
How to Find the SKED App Barcode
how to change your phone number in the sked app
How to Change your Phone Number in the SKED App
how to find your provider information
How to Find Your Provider Information
find office hours in your sked app
How to Find Office Hours in your SKED App
Sync Calendars
How to Sync Google or iCal Calendars