Patient FAQs

Please read through the FAQs to find answers to your questions. If you still have a question, contact us.

Does the app cost?

No. There is no cost for patients to download or use the app.

Do you offer phone support?

No. Not at this time. Use the contact us link to email us.

How do I register to use the app?

You can register two ways:

1) Your provider will email you a link.
2) Your provider will give you a provider number and customer code.

It simply depends on the provider which method that they use.

I forgot my password. How can I get it?

There is a “Forgot Password?” link that you can use to email you a reset password link. It is located on the SKED App log-in screen.

I tried the "Forgot Password?" link, but it didn't work!

It could be that the email you registered with is different than the one you have on file. Try logging in to the app with the original email. Once you have logged into the app then you can go to the settings tab and change the email you log in with.

Alternatively, you can use the link on the log in screen for New User Registration and re-register your account. This will create a new login and password.

I am having issues resetting my password.
The link expires after 3 hours. If it’s past that time, go ahead and send it again.