Patient DIY: Benefits of Online Patient Scheduling

Patient SchedulingThinking about implementing online patient scheduling? Read on to learn about all the benefits!

A whopping 77% of patients out there value the opportunity to self-schedule their doctor’s appointments online.

You’re tired of your day being interrupted by endless phone calls. Your patients want a simpler approach to medical appointment scheduling. Placing online doctor appointment scheduling in their hands a win-win.

Not convinced yet that your chiropractic office needs to introduce online patient scheduling?

Keep reading.

Target a Younger Demographic

Want to target a new demographic in your chiropractic practice? Want a stronger focus on preventative care for a younger demographic? Research has shown that millennials prefer to do their medical scheduling online.

Self-care is trending among millennials. You can combine your new online scheduling portal with that knowledge. You’ll have a perfect marketing plan to appeal to younger demographics in no time.

Reduce No-Shows

Do you know how much your no-shows are costing your practice?

Nationally, no-shows cost the healthcare system around $150 billion per year. If you’re like most other chiropractic practices, you’ve got no-shows contributing to that number.

No-shows waste your time, which is a precious commodity. That little thrill of an unscheduled coffee break is nice. Most of all, though, it’s hurting your business.

Scheduling doctors appointments online gives your patients complete control over their appointment. You can set your online scheduling program to send notifications to your patients’ phones.

This ensures they never forget about their appointment. It also means they have the power to reschedule if needed.

Improve Analytics

Here’s a little-known benefit of online patient scheduling programs. They give you a peek into your practice that no other resource can.

After a few months of online scheduling in your business, you’ll be able to see trends in patients’ scheduling behaviors.

Does everyone seem to need an appointment at a specific time of day? Great; now you know when to schedule the most staff, and when to cut back.

You’ll also be able to keep better track of what types of appointments patients schedule the most. This way, you can strategize your services to match the needs of your patients.

Trying to figure out when’s the most cost-efficient time to take a vacation? No problem-your scheduling software can tell you when your practice is least busy.

Make It Easier to See More Patients

How many times have your potential new patients needed a chiropractor after business hours and resorted to scheduling with your competitor because they could schedule an appointment online for the next morning?

You’ll never know. And that’s a problem.

Just because your office closes doesn’t mean your patients’ ability to schedule with you should. Online scheduling offers them the freedom to schedule an appointment anytime, from anywhere. That’s business you may be missing out on.

Make Patient Scheduling Easier in 2019

Online patient scheduling software is the way of the future. If you’re still relying on the old-fashioned way to get your patients through the door, it might be time to rethink your strategy for 2019.

We can help. Get in touch today to check out a live demo of our online chiropractic patient scheduling software!

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