Make Your Chiropractic Office Scheduling Simple

Allow patients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments 24/7. All from a convenient App. Plus reduce No-Shows by Sending SMS and Email appointment reminders. You save admin time—and offer patients what they want.

Meet SKED the Virtual Chiropractic Assistant

How SKED can help you!

SKED gives your patients the option of scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling their appointments.

You use your current EHR solution, so no retraining or having to move to a new system. SKED simply syncs with your EHR and extends it so that your patients can access their account in our mobile App.

The App is available for iOS and Android phones. Plus they can choose to receive SMS, Push or Email appointment reminders! This dramatically reduces the no-show and missed appointment rates.

On average offices experience…


Less Phone Calls


Reduced No-Shows

How many calls do you get…

  • for scheduling an appointment
  • for rescheduling
  • for canceling
  • asking what time/day is their next appointment
  • asking what your availability is on “X” day

Do you still call patients…

  • for appointment reminders
  • for missed appointments and rescheduling
  • to notify patients that you are running 10 minutes late
  • to ask them if they want to come early
receptionist that is overwhelmed

Receptionist without SKED

How many machines do you talk to? How many busy lines do you get?

When you get a patient, how long do you wait for them to pull up their calendar? Find a pen?

Do you have a line of patients waiting impatiently for a receptionist to be free and help them schedule appointments or check-in?

It’s a lot of work. SKED solves ALL of these issues.

Patients prefer SMS messages. 98% of SMSs get read. So you can feel confident they are getting the information. That’s important. It means they will show up or reschedule if they forgot. This mean SKED increases your revenue.

Only 20% of emails get read. Not to mention they might check email a few times a day, whereas they check SMS messages typically hourly if not instantly.

Email reminders often get overlooked. Or when they get to the email the reminder is past.

Receptionist with SKED

You need SMS reminders. It’s easier for you and your patients.

SKED automates the appointment reminders and missed appointment notices to reschedule. This frees up valuable admin time. Plus patients have somewhere to log in and see all their appointments, make new appointments, easily reschedule appointments, or cancel them if they can’t make it.

The top thing that patients love is the ability to quickly see all the available appointment openings. It allows them to pick the MOST convenient time for them. Whereas in the office, the scheduler might not have given that time as a suggestion. It’s convenient and a big time saver.

Imagine how it would streamline your chiropractic office scheduling!

We asked patients what they wanted when scheduling appointments…

have an app on their phone to schedule appointments
be able to make appointments online
get appointment text reminders
easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments
get email reminders
get phone call reminders
get automated phone call reminders

Let’s give them what they want!


How SKED Works


chiropractic patient filling out forms

Patient fills out intake forms

(print or online)


receptionist typing in their forms

You enter the patient’s email into your EHR


receptionist saying everything is ready

SKED sends them an email to Sign up


happy chiropractic patient

Patient downloads app and creates their SKED login


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Email, Text, and Push Messaging

Build and configure custom communications for all levels of your membership. SKED gives you the ability to create and send announcements intended for all your clients or just one.


Installation and maintenance of SKED is tightly integrated with your existing EHR system. The SKED installation wizard does all the work and updates seamlessly when new features are available.

Website and Mobile App Scheduling

The heart of SKED is the amazing control of your scheduling. Every aspect of when and where you service your patients is at your command. Depending on the options that you give, patients can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments.

Service Reviews

Periodically check-in with your customers. You decide when to ask for an assessment and those reviews can be easily incorporated into performance tracking and marketing.

Command Center

Setup and maintain every component of your operation and establish scheduling availability. The command center is where you define every aspect of your business.

Integrates With…

chirotouch logo



Seamlessly integrate with Platinum, Genesis, or Chirotouch EHR Systems


Reclaim valuable resources with automated scheduling and administration


Schedule by appointment type, day of the week, doctor, or a group of doctors


Exceed expectations by delivering exceptional service with the most popular technology


Interact with patients whenever and wherever way it is most convenient


Texts reduce missed appointments on average by 50%…which makes the office more money!

Compatible with these EHR Systems

    See what Offices using SKED are Saying…

    “It’s a great and easy way for our patients to reschedule their own appointments. We spend less time on the phone and more time being available to the patients in the office!”

    – DC Michael Risoldi, Risoldi Family Chiropractic

    “We opened with SKED. It has been MAGICAL. It saves an incredible amount of time for our team members and practice members.”
    – Kate Hill, Community Outreach Coordinator, Credence Chiropractic

    “Automated scheduling eliminates at least 50% of the phone calls we handle on a daily basis. Our staff is more available at the front desk to assist our practice members. We love SKED!”
    – Dr. Sarah

    Schedule a time to talk with us and learn how SKED can help your business!

    During this free consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you might have and be sure that SKED is the right choice for your office.

    Or if you are ready to purchase, go to the pricing page.