Office Testimonials

SKED saves us time and so much aggravation, not to mention it's like having another employee!

Dr. Bridget Edkin and Dr. Vincent Farrar

Slainte Chiropractic, LLC

It's a great and easy way for our patients to reschedule their own appointments. We spend less time on the phone and more time being available to the patients in the office!

DC Michael Risoldi

Risoldi Family Chiropractic

We opened with SKED. It has been MAGICAL. It saves an incredible amount of time for our team members and practice members.

Kate Hill, Community Outreach Coordinator

Credence Chiropractic

Before we started using SKED a team member would need to answer phone calls, call patient for missed appointments or try and remember to catch them on their next visit. SKED has streamlined the scheduling process for patients with busy schedules. It allows patients to go on their apps during meetings, in a coffee drive-thru, or in our parking lot to change and move around appointments. It's wonderful! It's like having another Team Member or Chiropractic Assistant. It also gives your patients the flexibility without feeling like they are taking time away from the office. This also keeps patients on their recommended care plan.

Dr. Kevin Schultz

Invigorate chiropractic

We absolutely love Sked and are so thankful to have it in our office! I honestly believe we would not have all the Practice Members we currently do, if it weren't for having Sked. We also would not have as many people keep their appointments if it weren't for their text and email reminders. That's not just a guess, we have Practice Members tell us that all the time. We decided to open our office with Sked instead of waiting to integrate it later. Definitely happy we made that decision! These days, most people rather respond to a text or email, instead of answering the phone. I would say it's safe to say that 1/3 of our practice members, we have never spoken with over the phone. This is not because we didn't call them or leave a voicemail, it's because they will only get back with us by text or email. We don't eliminate calls by having Sked, but we decrease the amount of calls, and definitely increase show up rate in a major way! Practice Members love the ability to see all their appointments on the phone and reschedule if needed. They think it's fun! They often say they're impressed by it. If you're on the edge about integrating Sked or not, I say do it! I'm thankful we did, and I know we wouldn't be able to impact as many lives as we have if we didn't have Sked. P.S. Any time we ever have an issue, the Sked team is on it, and it's resolved in no time. I'm super thankful to have them as a part of our team!

Michael Bryan

Integral Chiropractic Co.

Automated scheduling eliminates at least 50% of the phone calls we handle on a daily basis. Our staff is more available at the front desk to assist our practice members. We love SKED!

Dr. Sarah

Automated scheduling frees up our staff to focus more on our patients in the office and customer care! Ultimately it improves efficiency and flexibility which is a game changer for any practice!

Dr. Kirby Perrault

Okemos Family Chriopractic - Okemos MI

Our members can change an appointment time without calling us and slowing down our front desk. It’s a no-brainer for high volume practices.

Dr. Ryan

The biggest concern we had as an office that is just 11 months into practice was whether or not we would be able to justify the cost of SKED. We severely underestimated the value of SKED. SKED has decreased our call volume by almost 50-60%; that equates to our team spending more time pouring into our practice members and completing other tasks instead of sitting on the phone. We were able to add an additional 150 visits to our weekly average before having to hire more team because SKED increased our efficiency so much!

Our practice members love the ease and convenience of SKED! We get compliments almost daily with how much easier it makes it for them to change appointments, especially families! The automatic reminder messages are very reliable as well compared to our built-in system that our EHR supported. I couldn't imagine our office and team without it.


Dr. Nate DeJong

Highest Health Chiropractic - Sioux Falls, SD

Our office has been utilizing SKED for 2 months and the response from our practice members and staff has been incredible. Initially, I was concerned about losing the personal touchpoint with patients, however, we have found compliance to be much greater due to the autonomy it gives them to reschedule at their convenience. We have also heard positive comments about the ease of use, accessibility of having their schedule on a mobile device, and how our office technology is much more advanced than their other healthcare providers.

Outside of the obvious saving of time spent by employees on the phone, this technology can also help save you money by keeping patients more compliant with scheduling recommendations and opens available spaces on your appointment book sooner, eliminating downtime. I would recommend SKED to any professional office operating on an appointment calendar.


Dr. Marty Lovvorn

Precision Chiropractic - Birmingham, AL

Do Your Patients Have Busy Lives? Sked has been an incredible asset to our office! SKED has not only taken a load off my team, but patients have loved it as well. Living in the Los Angeles area, our patient’s live a fast-paced life, and would be fighting their schedules if it weren’t for SKED. It makes it so easy to incorporate their Chiropractic visits into their busy lives. We also went down a team member after being open just a month, and SKED is the reason we didn’t panic and rush to hire. It’s like another team member, but MUCH cheaper than payroll! LOL It has helped my team member be able to be present in the practice, and not be stuck on the phone constantly throughout the day. The automation of this into our EHR system is incredible.

The SKED team is also a fantastic support, and is timely in responding to help us with anything we need.

We are so thankful!


Dr. Nicole Platte

Inspired Family Chiropractic - Santa Clarita, CA

Our first thoughts about using SKED were, "Will we have enough practice members when opening an office for it to make a difference?" We quickly found out that the answer was a definite YES. Now having the ability to monitor the usage online shows us that over 90% of our practice members are downloading and using the app. With a small team, this is huge because it frees our team up to be present with people, spending less time on the phone rescheduling appointments...Our practice highly recommends SKED to offices looking to free up your team to make your patient visit experience even better.

Brad Piehl

Flourish Chiropractic - Dublin, OH

We are so #happy with Skedinc blue_heart We’re so excited to utilize all of the features. Thanks for making our practice run more efficient. Practice Members are commenting on how much they love it too!! Thanks blue_heart


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