Increase Your Chiropractic Office Efficiency

Hey Game Changer!

We all want more hours in the day, but unfortunately you can’t stretch time. What you can do is focus your time into doing what needs to be done by a human and automating the rest.

I am going to show you how using SKED, automation software, in your office can increase your office productivity and save you thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself, How much time does our office spend…

  • on the phone or in the office scheduling appointments?”
  • on the phone reminding practice members about appointments?”
  • on the phone or in the office rescheduling missed appointments?”
  • mailing new practice members intake forms?”
  • manually entering or scanning the information on intake forms?”
  • manually checking people in?”

I imagine that it’s at least a thousand hours a year… but for this example, let’s be really conservative and say 1 hour of office staff’s time could be saved by completing these tasks through automation. If you paid the staff member $11 an hour (minimum wage in California)…


hoopbasketballWould you like an extra four thousand dollars in the bank?
I know that I would!

If you’ve already automated some of these time-consuming tasks, bravo way to stay up on your game.

If not, you should get started! With SKED, it’s a slam dunk to reduce or even eliminate these time-consuming tasks. There is much better use of your time and energy elsewhere!

"SKED is a great way to free your office staff up to do their job and not stay tied to the phone." - Dr Megan Afshar

Time-Saving Features


Automated Email, Text, and Push Notification Reminders

You can easily set up automatic messages to practice members using “Recurring Messages”. Once the phone or email is entered, you do not need to do anything.


App and Online Scheduling

We have a lot of people worry that their schedules are “too complicated” for an automated system. Wrong! You can create schedules based on appointment codes, doctors’ schedules, rooms, days…


Barcode Check-in

If you get a barcode scanner, you can use the check-in barcode option. The practice member goes to the barcode screen on their phone, once scanned, they get checked-in.


Centralized Communication

Text and email communication from practice members are in a centralized area. You don’t need to bounce between different platforms to answer their questions.

Want more information?

Learn how SKED is like having an extra employee!

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