Send Reminder Texts, Email Messages, or Push Notifications to Your Patients is a Scheduling App for Chiropractors. It allows you to send text, email, and push messages to your chiropractic patients.

They download the app to their iOS or Android device, create an account, and then they can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments depending on your settings.

The great thing is that it integrates with your current electric health record (EHR) system, so you do not have to re-train your receptionists, change how your current system works, etc. It just gives you features that are lacking in most EHR systems. It is a scheduling app created by Chiropractors for Chiropractors.

Get an edge on your competitors and allow your patients the flexibility to see current openings and make appointments 24/7. PLUS if you want, you can add a page on your website to allow new or current patients to make appointments. Patients LOVE the flexibility that the SKED scheduling App gives them.

Erik Kowalke D.C. - Chiropractor

Erik Kowalke D.C.

Founder of SKED

Our Why

We desperately needed a better solution to two BIG problems in our office. My team was spending way too much time on the phone and everyone HATED making missed appointment phone calls. I looked into the numerous text messaging solutions and all of them had created more work.

First, I couldn’t customize my messages by appointment code, all messages were the same.

Second, if a patient wanted to change an appointment, they would use 2-way texting, which just takes my team member from the phone to managing another platform.

I wanted an automated solution where patients could use an APP and my team didn’t have to do anything, syncing instantly to our EHR system.

SKED was born.

Now it has grown into so many options for customized messaging, keeping patients on their recommendations, automated missed appointment notifications, online new patient scheduling, making appointments at screenings, mobile barcode scanning and so much more. Everything is driven by efficiency to free up you and your team to be more present with your patients and work smarter, not harder.

SKED is created by chiropractors, for chiropractors. Nothing else comes close.