SKED App Registration

If you are new to the app, then your first step will be to register your account.  This is what connects your app to your account in the office.  SKED has two methods for registration.  The first is a manual registration, the second is an email registration.

The email registration is our newer process which saves you time from handing out provider information, but both registration methods work!

Manual Registration:

1.  Download the app from your app store an open the app after it finishes installing.

2.  Select the link on the login screen for New User Registration and follow the prompts to create your account.

3.  The first prompt will ask for your Service Provider ID.  This number is located in your Office’s SKED Admin under the Business Tab in the top-right drop-down menu.

4.  The next prompt will ask for your Member ID or Barcode and your Last name.  The Member ID/Barcode will also be on file in your Office’s EHR system.

5.  The last step is to create a login and password.  

Email Registration:

1. Go to the Inbox tab in your SKED Admin and got to your Templates.  Send your members the one time message titled,  Introducing SKED step #2 **Make sure to send Step #2 only as an email as it includes several links for your member’s convenience. If you want to send a text notifying them to look out for an email, use the template message Introducing SKED Step #1 

2.  Once the message is sent, your members will need to download the SKED app from their app store (again links provided in the email for easy access). 

3.  After they download the app, then they will need to go back to the SKED registration email on their phone and click on the registration link in that email. 

4.   When they click the link in their email it will redirect them to a page where they will enter their email as the username and create a password that is 8 characters or more. 

Check out this video, SKED Registration  about how to register with the SKED app.

** If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at **

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