Sending Messages for Special Office Closings

Closing your office for the Holidays?  Don’t forget to send your practice members a reminder about your special office hours.  

To do so you can use the office closing template in your Inbox or you can create a one time message from scratch to send to your practice members.

  • Select the ‘Inbox’ tab on your SKED Dashboard. 
  • In the top left corner of your messages screen, select ‘Compose’. 
  • Title your message. (this will be seen by you not the PM) 
  • Select who you would like to receive this message, either by appointment (select date range), by client (select individual clients), or everyone (this will send to all PM’s in your EHR system)
  • Choose how you would like the message sent, either by text/SMS, email, or push notification through the app. (These will show a blue box with a white checkmark if it selected. If you would like to deselect one simply uncheck the box and it should appear blank.)
  • Choose when you would like the message delivered, either scheduled (select a specific date you would like your pm’s to receive this message) or immediately (have it sent out as soon as you hit send). 
  • Input a subject that will be seen by your PM.
  • Type the body of your message. (Keep in mind that SMS/text messages will be cut off after 1800 characters.) 
  • Use the placeholders on the right side of your screen to use names in your message to make it personal. 
  • Once everything is filled out select send and your message will generate and send!

*Please contact us at if you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback. We are happy to help!*

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