How to Set Up Office Hours

  • Before creating your specific schedules in SKED you will need to set up your Office Hours. Your Office Hours show your PM’s the time when your office is open during the week.  The office hours are also shown under the Provider tab on the app.
  • To set up the Hours, begin by selecting the Office Hours tab located on the left side of your SKED Admin. 
  • Once in the Office Hours screen, you will select “Add New Hours”
  • Un-check the ‘Closed’ box under the days you will be open. 
  • Input the times your office will be open in this section. 
  • To create a Split Schedule you can add multiple open times, so if you are open in the morning you can add the morning shift hours, and then add the afternoon shift hours.
  • Be sure to select save when you are finished! 

For a step-by-step video, watch Setting SKED Office Hours

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