How to Send a Recurring Message

  • Select the ‘Recurring Messages’ tab on your SKED Dashboard. 
  • In the top left corner of your messages screen select ‘Compose’.
  • Title your message. This is for your office reference (PM’s will not see this).
  • Select which professional you would like to create this message for. You can select one or multiple. This just means that any PM who is scheduled for an appointment type under this doctor will get the message. 
  • Select the appointment type you would like message to be associated with. Again, you can select one or multiple. 
  • Choose when the message should be received by the PM. EX: 1 day before their appointment.
  • Next you will choose how you would like the message sent, either by text/SMS, email, or push notification through the app. (These will show a blue box with a white check mark if it selected. If you would like to deselect one simply click the box and it should appear blank.)
  • Input a Message Subject.  This will be seen by your PM’s. 
  • Type the body of your message. (Keep in mind that SMS/text messages will be cut off after 1800 characters.)
  • Use the placeholders on the right side of your screen to insert names, dates, or appointment times in your message to make it personal. 
  • Once everything is filled out click ‘Enable’ and ‘Save’ and your message will generate and send!

For a step-by-step video, watch

How To Send A SKED Recurring Message

*If you wish to send a one time message that will not be sent again, click here! If you would like to see if and when your messages are being received by your PM’s, click here

*Please contact us at if you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback. We are happy to help!*

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