How to Create and Manage Groups in the SKED App

  • In order to group people together in SKED, you will actually need to group them first in your EHR system. If you do not know how to group in your EHR System, you will need to contact your EHR support team for this.  Once you have a family grouped in your EHR system this information will sync to SKED, and then your practice member will be able to go into their settings and add their family into their group.
  • Here are the steps you can take to manage your group members.
    • In the bottom right corner of your App screen, open the settings tab
    • Select the ‘Group’ tab
    • Choose each member in your group that you wish to manage.
    • If they are highlighted green you are able to make the changes, if they are white their schedule will not appear.
  • Once they have added their family members they will be able to view their family member’s appointments, as well as pull up their bar codes to check them into the office! (to view the barcodes you will have to select the barcode in the top right corner and use the left and right arrows to switch between the family members.)  

 For a step-by-step video, watch ‘How to manage group members‘.

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