Grouping Practice Members in SKED with ChiroTouch

When you want to group family members in the SKED App, you will first need to make sure they are grouped, or linked, within ChiroTouch.

You will also need to make sure on your “Integrations” page that you select the correct method of grouping that you do in your office.  The two methods of grouping are either “Native” or “PIN”.

Native grouping is when you manually add an account to the “Linked Accounts (Statements)” box. 

Grouping by PIN means that people who have the same PIN number will be linked together, meaning they have the same pin but are not “natively linked” in Chiro Touch.  
So if a family all has the same PIN, then they will be in the same group.

Once you have selected the correct method on your integrations page, and you have grouped the family together in Chiro Touch, then you can go the app and group your family members.

In the app, you need to select “Settings” in the lower right-hand corner, then select “Group”.  Once you are in the group section you can enable the accounts for the family member’s whose schedules you wish to manage.  If the bar is green next to the person’s name, that means you have enabled their account, and can now manage their schedule.  Simply go back to the home screen by hitting the back arrow then once on the schedule you can scroll through the different accounts by selecting the arrows next to the person’s name. 

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